Design Me

Out of my family and travel box, there is the design side of me. From collaging on my bedroom floor and writing in purple journals, creativity found me and never left me.

From dreaming up my dream home at the age of 13, and laying it out on paper, I soon found my love for interiors. So, from those collage boards and purple journal, I found myself in the hills of vineyards in Stellenbosch, studying how to Interior Decorate. With pretty pages of colors and lines, and weekend wine tasting, I was officially, an Interior Decorator (or, so the certificate stated).

From many travels (of which I will always be grateful for), I was inspired by cultures with different tastes, textures, and colors. From these travels, I found my foundation of style. Eclectic.

From those travels, to moves, and new homes, I found myself surrounded by designers in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. I went from a cash register at a major design firm and furniture showroom, to walls of fabrics. GDC Home gave me the heartbeat of my career.

From those walls, I had found my be all and end all love in design. My passion. Textiles!

From more travels and more moves, I have found present self, in Tucson, Arizona, managing a design studio in a family owned design firm and furniture showroom. My eyes have been opened to so much more than touching textiles, I am now experiencing a different side of design – marketing it. DeWitt Designs has opened doors for me.



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