Born in South Carolina, I moved with my family to South Africa when I was 2yrs old. South Africa is home for me, and always will be. I discovered my creativity on our farm in Africa, on my bedroom floor. Writing in journals, designing collages and creating inspiration books. I received my education in Stellenbosch, in the hills of the Western Cape. I gained an Interior Design diploma surrounded by some of the best wine estates in the world. Inspiring, I know!

I built a foundation of work experience in Charleston, South Carolina  – the #1 city in the United States, according to Conde Nast twice in a row. Charleston was good to me, it gave me my husband. Who am I kidding, for that reason alone, Charleston is the #1 city in my heart, too.

I was handed a most beautiful year in Oregon with this man. I fell in love with a place that rained 7 months out of that year! Darkness will make you dig for inspiration, and I treasure the challenge it gave me. Oregon opened a door to an opportunity to give a year of our lives to AIDS orphans in South Africa.

For the rest of my life, I will always be grateful for what that year did to our hearts. You don’t seek inspiration in a place like that, it is given to you every moment of every day.

A year later, we were back to the #1 city in the United States, and began to build a little life. I walked through an open door to a place that offered me a position to work in between walls of fabric. I found my true love in design. I found me. I had the time of my life. But with thanks to the nomads that we are, we said good bye to the #1 city in the United States, and carried our life to the desert of Arizona. And here I am!

I live here with my husband and our dog, Jack. And I am home, because I am with them.


Join me through the design of my life.



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