The Green Shall Rise Again

My love for the Southwest grew so much over these past 3 years, so much that I now call it home. I welcome new comers with the encouragement as if I’d lived here all my life… “I know it’s dry, but you get used to it and you’ll love it.” … “Really, it’s not always 11o degrees. It snowed this January!” … “You don’t have to hike to love Tucson.” And so it goes. I received this sort of encouragement when we first moved here, I was a hard shell to crack after leaving the salty air and pluff mud of the South, but they cracked me! Though it may be dry, dusty, prickly and sweltering hot at times, this place is gorgeous.

You want to know how gorgeous? So much so, that we just bought a home here! To the locals, our friends, and our bosses… We ain’t goin’ no where!

All this said, though, I still long for things I have left behind – weather and scenery kinds of things. We find ourselves obsessed over the doppler radar during Monsoon Season. Text message comes in from Hubby, “Look what’s cooomiiiinggg!…followed by a screenshot of the latest doppler reading. Tucson is being covered by a slow approaching cloud of green. Instant reply from Wifey, “Damn! I hope I don’t miss it.” We then find ourselves glued to the window after a huge bellow of thunder… bug eyed, waiting for the first lighting strike. We are like kids on Christmas during storms. (perhaps we should have pursued a dream of storm chasers?) We were so excited about the walnut size hail we got last month, that we barely thought about my Jeep getting peltered into dents. So, when you’re counting down the days to Monsoon Season, you know you’re missing something.

It’s not just seasonal change and the cries from the pit of 110 desert hell (I still love it), but it’s the colors too. Well, color, really. Green! I could recite poetry of, “oh! how I long to feel the dampness of blades of green beneath my bare feet.” I do, though. The joy of stepping out the front door straight onto a patch of greenery, swallowed by shrubs, I miss it. But, I fell so much in love with the desert of the Southwest, that I was willing to suppress my longings. Until the unthinkable happened…

Queue, Winterhaven.

The next chapter of our lives.


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