Just Click Publish

I go through these bipolar episodes – of writing, that is. I’m super pumped for 3 days in a row and bust out these exquisitely intellectual and vibrant posts. 3 days later, I go back and read those posts and suddenly lose all hope as I realize those posts lack intellect and I am simply foaming at the mouth about nothing in particular. So, I delete the posts (well, I move them to the bottom of drafts, as last resort options). I then log-out, close my computer and return to something for someone else. I haven’t quite figured out how to move passed these episodes. So far, all I’ve got is to publish those epic posts before I return 3 days later and state what an idiot writer I am, or “Am I ever a writer!?” Oh, and the cherry on the top of all of this negativity… I declare – What am I so worried about, nobody’s going to read them anyway!

Complete loser.

Now that I have acknowledged this behavior, I’m slowly learning to not just log-out, close the computer and go wash my husband’s dry-fits. Open a new tab and step out of my own head for a minute. I realize I may not suddenly stumble upon the inspiration to write the most awesome “must-read” post, but it will be a published post. And that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?

No matter how big or small, publish. No matter how insignificant or life altering, publish. Because after all, what is life without the small published moments, actions or words? I think it ends up being a big published story… big, lifeless, and boring story.

So, my published post today will be this… a snippet of something sweet, something that made me smile. That is all. PUBLISH!


11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures Infographic by Ella Frances Sanders,  blog.maptia.com via visual.ly #Infographic #Language


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