28 & NOW

As I gain another year onto my already long life, I am starting to accept that this is now… one year at a time… it’s now. Not who I use to be when I was years younger, and over indulging in those years so long passed. Not who I am to be years older, and wishing away today so I could be there already. It isn’t natural to live in the moment, it is a conscious decision you have to make everyday. It is tough at times. It is completely liberating at the times when you truly do make that decision. And you know what I’m starting to realize, but haven’t quite accepted, is that it becomes second nature once you make that conscious decision every. single. day. It’s like forming one of the most important habits you will ever have. A habit that defines the way you live. A habit that makes you live in, possibly, the way you were created to live. One. Moment. At. A. Time. These moments are fleeting. These moments are opportunities. And I truly believe, those fleeting moments of opportunity, if lived in – lived in the now – could turn out to be a moment that ends up being the rest of your life.

I lived in the now when I gave my husband my phone number, while in a seriously crashing and burning relationship. That number, given in that moment, rang in the rest of my life with a man I shall die with. How’s that for living a moment for the rest of your life.

I lived in the now when I stopped painting the bathroom and called a breeder to “reserve” a dog from a pack of Goldens… that moment of opportunity gave us Jack –  for the rest of his life. So glad I didn’t help my husband finish painting that horrid bathroom. (two coats of paint did f-all for the looks of that space)

So, point being… I’m 28, and finally starting to accept that it’s now or never. Who I was and who I am to be are a part of me, but they are not me right now. Go on now…



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