My Colorful African Heart

My childhood & beginning of my young adulthood happened in South Africa. Despite being born in America & spending 2 short years of my life here, South Africa is home. South Africa is HOME. It always will be. And how proud I am to be able to say that. Lucky. Blessed. And the rest. A country so beautiful, even the darkness can’t hide it. The sadness seems to always give way to the joy. (Oh! The joy of an African living, with almost nothing, in a remote dusty village. You would swear they were the richest person in all the land.) A country so devastatingly ran, but so amazingly owned.

My often wondered thought is, would I know joy & happiness, sadness & compassion, culture & vibrance, forgiveness & graciousness, as I do now. A country popping at the seams with diversity, would I embrace and cherish that as I do now? Diversity is truly part of the foundation that is South Africa…a multitude of races, religions and total of 11 different languages…I would not be surprised if they changed the definition to ‘South Africa’ where the word ‘Diversity’ stood in the dictionary.

Soon after apartheid ended, it became known as The Rainbow Nation.

With that title, you’d be silly to suggest otherwise. Color is what makes the nation so indescribably beautiful. Which brings me to another often wondered thought… would I know color as I do now? Dramatic thought, yes, but truth or not, that colorful country will forever have my heart. As my Dad always says, “In Africa you give your best or Africa takes it!” I gave my best, dammit, and she still took more! Greedy. (another truth only a South African could tell you.)

Africa, you can keep my heart, and whatever is left after that. -L


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