Digging for Gold

The story of our four-legged fur ball of a child is the standard, “We are ready to add another piece to our little puzzle, so let’s browse the papers, surf the internet, and creep on Craigslist to find the best breeder in town.” So, from there take the excitable drive to said breeder. The drive consists of back and forth banter, “What color do we want? Marshmallow white or caramel color? Do we want the quiet runt of the litter, or the boisterous big boy?” The banter finds its rest on, the big marshmallow with the meet-in-the-middle personality. Finally!

Upon arrival, your first instinct is to dive head first into a pile of gold fur squealing like a pig in mud, but you keep your cool. “Aawww!” You lay eyes upon your puppy, and smile because it was that easy. Surprise, surprise, you can’t always get what you want. The fat and friendly marshmallow has been reserved. What? Puppies can be reserved like a table for two at a fine dining restaurant? Doesn’t seem right at all. Now who? As an average-sized, toasted marshmallow scooches through the crowd, landing on your lap begging for your entire heart… there he is.

He cries as you depart with eyes that could be given the world, he has your whole heart. He walks straight to the requested, sent saver of a t-shirt, curls into a tiny ball and claims his property.And that’s our standard story of how we found the rest of our life.

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find you get what you need.




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