4 lives in 3 years

We met in Charleston, dated in Charleston and wed in Charleston. It’s easy to say, our life together started in Charleston. After our wedding, we made our home in Charleston between 3 different houses, we finally settled on the Isle of Palms. As we settled, it wasn’t long before we were planning to leave. We were Oregon-bound in no time in pursuit of a job opportunity for Arron coaching tennis in Albany, OR. It took 4 days and 11 States, 2 cars and a U-haul trailer to move our lives from one coast to another, but we found Oregon and we settled. Just as we settled in Eugene, OR our hearts were pulling us in another direction… in the direction of a life of non-profit work in Africa. Arron started The Positive Change Project with his best friend Joey, and we moved a month later – to South Africa. We lived happily on my parents farm in the Eastern Cape, and worked gratefully with a group of young AIDS orphans. It was a most memorable chapter in our lives. A chapter that remains open to this day. A year after our arrival in South Africa, we were boarding a plane for Charleston, SC to start our 3 month visit back in America. We spent a month in South Carolina before departing for Oregon and the second part of our visit in America. We were barely in Oregon for a month, when we had one of the biggest conversations of our lives, standing in Arron’s parents’ kitchen. Arron desired to pursue a career in coaching college tennis. We made the decision in one day, the next day Arron applied to 3 different schools, and within the week the College of Charleston was knocking at our door. Arron accepted the job, and 2 weeks later we had packed up an entire storage unit into 13 boxes and loaded them onto a Greyhound bus en-route to Summerville, SC. We boarded a plane 3 days after that, having sold our only car. There was a brief one week visit in Summerville with my sister, Abbey and her husband, Dan and our sweet little niece, Emma. We caught our breaths, and then went on a mad search for a home in Mt Pleasant – for the second time. We were settled in a home 2 days after Arron started his new adventure at the College of Charleston. It is now 8 months later, and we are still in Mt Pleasant. In 4 months, we will reach that one year mark we seem to have subconsciously set for ourselves in one place. The pattern was not intended and certainly not planned. Will we leave Charleston for the second time in 4 months? Will our lives drastically change for the 5th time since meeting one another? Who knows. I can assure you we don’t have a clue. But as a wise man once told me (ok, let there be not elusive mystery here… it was my Dad), “Just Add Faith”. And that is what we intend to do, no matter where we are and what door we walk through… We will always add Faith.


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